We are Best Service Provider!

We at Aggarwal Art & Pattern Pvt Ltd take our craft seriously. We produce best designer steel sheets in India by integrating technology and design. Architects, interior designers and end consumers rely on us for the superior quality products we provide. 
Projects are often constrained by time and resources. Late delivery costs money. We understand this concern of our clients. We ensure that the orders are delivered on time by a robust supply-chain process. With strong support service we ensure that our customers’ dreams come true.

Everything is Here Only.

All your requirements of designer steel are fulfilled at Aggarwal Art & Pattern Pvt Ltd. You can choose from a wide range of designs for both exterior and interior segments. We have over 200 premium products in our catalogue. They come in various designs, patterns, colours, textures and finishes. Popular designer steel sheets in Gold, Copper, Black Nickel, Rose Gold and Red Wine finishes are also available with us. Thus, choosing a design that suits You is not a problem.


What We Do?

We have our own manufacturing set up in the country making our products Made in India only products. We procure high grade steel and our designer team produce unique designs that bring beauty to the products. We use innovative technology to produce superior products while taking quality control seriously.

Why Us?

Often, the designs available in the market may not suit your taste. This is where we stand out from our competitors. We have unique ability to customise the designs. You tell us about your requirement and we shall deliver it to you. And our pan-India presence will make it easier for you to receive orders on time. 


Aggarwal Art & Pattern